Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and a House Full of Spooks

I spent all day doing stuff. Up to get Riley to swim practice, then old house for more cleaning, then home, then back out to get Riley, then home, then to Woodland to get Jeremy, then I got to sit down and sew Ashley's dress. It was all cut and ready to go. Some how I picked the wrong version, but it came out cute with the pleats anyhow. She went as a Box of McDonald's French Fies. I made her a red dress then a box of fries and then attached it to her dress. It took me from 11 am until 5 pm. OOOPS, I am not a good time estimated when it comes to sewing. Gramma came and went today in the house. She would come out, hang out, have a little something, then go back to her room. I left her a few times finishing her meal or tea today and she happily cleared her dishes. She just put them on her wheelies and carried them to the counter.

When the trick or treating started up, I had Gramma put on a black dress and a witches hat, I got dressed in Tessa's crazy wig and so did Riley. We all sat at the door and gave out candy, until we ran out, which happened fast. I went out to get more. While I was gone, Gramma headed to bed. I chatted with her a few more times before a final tuck in and teeth stealing. Gramma doesn't bother soaking her teeth, so each night when I give her the final pills for the night, I steal her partials and soak them. I'll give them back in the am when I give her the first early morning pills. Over all a good, at home day. I was distracted from much Gramma focus, but that allowed her to feel a bit more home and take care of a few things, like clearing dishes. She still doesn't have a routine to just come out for activity, it's all meal related, so I try to give her a drink or tea between meals. I'll have more time this coming week to focus on activity here at home that is not food centered.

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