Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mellow Day. It's been a week!

Today we had a huge wind storm. It's still blowing crazy outside. I ran some morning errands with Ashley before we all started our day. Gramma was cozy in bed and the wind was fascinating toher. We closed up the house and boy do double pane windows make a difference. In our previous house a wind storm like this would rattle the whole house, making it sound like the glass might pop out.

Last night I was at a meeting from 7-9 and Tessa noticed Gramma looked tired and gave her the night time pills right at 9. She felt very proud to have gone in and presented her with her water and 2 pills.

We took today easy, running short errands while someone stayed home in case Gramma needed any thing. She did have an accident today that startled her. When she got to the bathroom some how between the bed and the toilet she wet herslef and it confused her. Like with my children when they were young, I simply smiled, asked her to take off her wet pants and I got her clean things to wear. I think I'll keep a change of bottoms in the bathroom in case that happens again and she can change herself. She wondered why she wet her pants. I've noticed when she has to go she doesn't always want to get up and it takes her quite sometime to actually decide, OK, I'm going to go now. I think after her breakfast with juice and tea, she had a very full bladder and didn't quite get up soon enough. No big deal, so real mess, her freshly changed bed was still all dry.

Gramma was up with us for her late breakfast and hung out for awhile. She then wanted to sleep and stay in bed. Finally I got her up about 4:30 and she had another meal and I sat at the table with her after to keep her up and alert. Tessa played the piano in the other room. She played jingle bells and Gramma sang along from her spot at the table. Tessa then tried a new song and Gramma knew the song. As Tessa slowly worked the song Gramma paused while Tessa figured out the next note. It was a neat moment and gave me an idea for an activity with Gramma. Her singing along was very sweet and she loved when Tessa had to pause for a note, she waited until the note was hit and then kept on singing. Cool Cool Cool.

Gramma has a doctor's appointmnet tomorrow. I want to have her skin looked at and she has a sore that needs attention under her belly fold. She tucks tissues into her belly fold and I'm not sure why she does that and neither does she.

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