Friday, October 30, 2009

Anxiety is Up Today

Gramma is a bit more anxious today. Shower day maybe, going out maybe. She did have a very easy time showering today and held on to the bar and washed her toes, all over her body and in general was much more thorough with her cleaning of her body. Yea!!!!

She's trying to grasp why she lives with me, where Patsy, Bob, Wyatt, and Shawn are. She asked what happened to them? Gramma also has a head shake. It has been much reduced lately. I just noticed she's shaking again today. She still wants to know if she is getting worse? We will be going out to have her hair done and lunch at Nugget. We will do this activity 1 time a week for as long as she lives here with me. I'm going to call Bob, my brother, and Patsy, my sister and ask them to call her.

I have to plan for how long it takes to get places. We have a 1pm appointment. I need to go get her up now and out the door.

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