Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving and a Twitching Leg

The kids are really at peace in this new bigger home of ours. Well, except Tessa still doesn't like to be alone at all. Tonight when I came in from one more trip to the old house, I found all three kids working on big pumpkins. Each had a very unique approach to their masterpieces and each did all the pumpkin guts work their selves. I was able to happily bake some cookies and roast some pumpkin seeds and keep the snacks flowing. It was such a nice moment, I went and got my mom up so she could be with us, see the pumpkin designs, and hang out. I finally started Ashley's dress and made it to having all the pieces cut. It's ready to sew tomorrow am. Gramma got up about 10 pm complaining about her left leg having a muscle twitch. It really bothered her. Ooops, I had gotten so involved in my sewing (well in cutting) that I had forgotten to give her the night time pills which make her sleepy. She's trying really hard to know things and that is progress positive in my opinion. She talked to me about finances tonight, was wondering what would happen to us if she dies, really important stuff. I am so grateful to be available to her when she is so clear. Tessa and I tucked her back in, played with the cat with her and she quickly drifted off to sleep, leg twitch gone.

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