Sunday, October 25, 2009

She misses the family back home

Tamara, my niece, Gramma's first Granddaughter, visited today and when she and I were outside Gramma came out all by herself and sat by the pool and listened to the foutain. She's going to like that spot I can tell. The visit was great and since my niece also works in assisted living, she has lots of gems of info to offer me. Like she told me a product that should help with my mom's skin. Tamara also brought a big bouquet of roses from her mom's garden. They are perfect in Grammas room and smell so nice.

When I got back from a quick trip to the store, Gramma was crying and worried about the 2 grandkids she moved away from and my sister. They have all lived together forever, my sister has shared a home with my mom for many many years. Her babies came home to their house and my mom helped raise them. Up until recently, Gramma was a provider of afternoon care for the kids, until she stopped being able to care for herself. Today she really missed them and needed to know why she was away from them. I called them and then Shawn called back which made Gramma feel content, knowing that they were all ok. She likes to know when she is going to see someone next, but....she has dementia and really doesn't remember when that time is.

Dinner was a riot. Tessa made ghost stew and batty cookies. Really yummy and we all enjoyed are selves, except Tessa, who has a hot/cold thing going for Riley. Tonight she was really on him and it made it a bit stressful at times. She hurt his feelings, he moved to a different chair, what she visualized didn't happen. She was tense, in a I am the chef and I want this dinner perfect. Again, I did not take pictures, but imagine a small bowl of stew or a small bowl of clam chowder (Tessa changed the recipe) Then piped on to that a big ghosty shape of creamy mashed potatoes. I need to refine my creamy potatoes, maybe use sour cream next time or cream cheese. They were runny. Capers for eyes and cheese all around. We all are full. Gramma is tucked in bed. She is very capable of her bedtime routine, though I'm not sure she brushed her teeth. I'll get her too next time she needs to use the bathroom.

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