Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Saturday

Gramma is still very confused about living here. She asks alot if she can stay. She's getting annoyed with her own need to ask and I take this as she's getting comfortable with the idea that she lives here.

I worked this am, first time since we moved and that felt great. I garden for seniors and somehow I just have a knack with the sweet old ladies. They just love chatting with me. I walk around the gardens, clipping and chatting, raking leaves, turning earth, prepping and maintaining.

Tim worked at finishing the move from the old house. The final final is dragging on. He went to the dump 3 times with the last big stuff we no longer needed or was useful. I think we are done, except....Ugh, yup I have a few more boxes of things. I took Riley to an afternoon swim meet and was gone for about 4 hours.

Tim and the girls tended to Gramma's needs, which were minimal. She slept and finally got hungry and asked for lunch. She'll get dressed if you leave an outfit out for her. This evening after dinner, Tessa and I spent over an hour going through her things. I was looking for some bacterban for an ouch she has, so I slowly worked through her supplies, organizing and dumping. We found a bunch of jewelry and Tessa loved talking to Gramma about the pieces. I threw away alot of old empty tubes that moved with her. Tessa tried on alot of her clothes and found her a witch costume, because that is what Gramma wants to be for Halloween. She wants to give out candy.

We had some fun conversations. I took down her big puffy coat she bought one year when she travelled to DC. She hugged up her coat and talked about how much she loved her puff. One of our cats came in and gave her love. She melted to the kitty purrs and I'm going to make sure our sweet kitty makes lots of visits.

She asks some interesting questions and it gives you an idea how the confusion is for her. Tonight, she asked again what happened to Mike, my brother, who died from melanoma. She thinks she did it to him, because he didn't wear sunscreen and it makes her very sad to talk about Mike. She also asked when she had her breast removed. She had a mastectomy about 10 years ago. She looked at me and said, "when did I loss my breast?" Decisions are difficult. She likes to laughs and we are finding our way to laughter often.

She's asleep for the night. I'm starting to sense her routine and by 7:30 or 8pm she changes without prompting into her nightgrown and gets ready for bed. She complained a little at me when I asked her brush her teeth, but she did :-)

Tomorrow will be a shower day and I don't have the bars installed yet. They are getting installed later in the week. We'll work through it though. I did get her some non slip mats. I'll have her wash her hair too and we might even do nails tomorrow. I get to try out styling her new haircut. I was given instructions by Thomas on how to Do the Do.

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