Friday, October 23, 2009

Today was a Sleeping Day

Today, Gramma didn't want to get up. I left to go couch shopping at 9, left instructions with my son, left breakfast. When we got home at 11, she was still snoozing. I had to go out again and asked her if she was ready for breakfast. Nope, not ready. She seemed really fearful this am, like if I get up and get dressed, I'm going to be moved, so I left her all snugly, opened up the blinds a bit to let the day in and went about my day with my kids.

After getting Ashley and her bff to Biology, I checked in again at home, made lunch for Riley and Tessa, invited Gramma to join us, but she said nope and snuggled back in to her pillows. I opened the window, adjusted the blinds again and left for a journey to dump off some donations and check for a Halloween item with Tessa. We got home near 2pm and then I went in and asked my mom to come eat and join us for a meal. She did. She got up, put on the clothes I had lay out, did her hair and makeup and had lunch with us. She and Tessa had a great conversation. While mom was up I changed out her sheets and then she and Tessa joined me in her room. I had her fold her laundry and we put her clothes away. She was joyful while Tessa and I cleared her room of some of the moving in clutter. After our cleaning and bed making, she climbed back into bed for a snooze.

Tessa made dinner tonight. She cooked cuckoos, which we got from a Halloween magazine. You make funny bird faces using meatballs and veggies all on a toasted bun. They came out so cute and we set the nice table for our dinner. Ashley's friend Jeremy was with us and all 7 of us were served a cuckoo. I added some steamed green beans, more meatballs in red sauce and we had a great meal, complete with conversations from everyone, including Gramma. Gramma was so in love with waking up to the sound of piano playing. Jeremy and Ashley take turns playing songs and Gramma really enjoyed it this evening. She stayed up for awhile longer, had a small piece of fudge which makes her so happy, and then went off to get in her PJ's. She's been in bed since, sleeping peacefully.

She's asking her question of do I have to move differently now which makes me feel like she is starting to understand that she lives here with us. She is very afraid of moving again and tears up thinking about it. I'm making moving jokes with her when she asks if she has to move again. I say, nope, you live here, but you do have to move over so I can sit, or you do need to move to the table for dinner. Little word games to help her play and lighten up the mood. She seems game.

I didn't take her to her psychiatry appointment in Marin today. She just didn't seem capable of a long drive and she doesn't like going to the doctors. I will communicate with her doctor through email as we transfer her from Marin to Davis care. I should have an appointment lined up in the next week at the clinic here.

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