Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She's here

Gramma made it today about 2 hours after the movers got her bed set up. I was able to unpack and make her bed and get her room set up before she arrived. She had a meltdown about my nieces little bear she wanted to take with her. My niece wasn't ready to part with the bear. Turns out Tessa has one just like it and I placed in on the stairs for when she came in. She found the bear and my sister told her it was the same bear. I'm not really OK with story telling like this, even to someone who has dementia. I couldn't handle them telling her yup the bear must of been with the movers. I'll talk with my mom about it tomorrow and let her know we provided a substitute bear for her.

Gramma loves the house. She just feels it is huge and beautiful. Her furniture is the same light maple shade as the floors and her room looks so nice. It was bigger than I thought too. She seems to be able to use the bathroom just fine, made it all around the down stairs, ate dinner with us, had a cup of tea and then asked for her PJ's. She's teary as expected, afraid she's going to be taken and put away somewhere, not sure why she's here with us, but at the same time she knows.

Her tooth broke off her bridge, so she's feeling a little unsightly and I'll make her an appointment at the dentist tomorrow. She also needs to see a new primary care doctor. I'll take her to Marin on Friday to see her psychiatrist and get a recommendation for a new doctor up here.

Tonight is her first night here and I'm hoping she's tired and able to sleep OK. Lot's of new noises here and the train can be heard roaring down the tracks early in the morning. She's alseep right now. In a little bit I'll bring her the last pills of the night. The very important dementia pills.

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