Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dentist Visit then Ice Cream

Getting us all up and out this am was rememicent of having toddlers. Ashley had to at piano by 10:45. Then I went home to get Gramma. She needed to brush her teeth before we went..That took longer than I estimated. I had to pick up Ashley's friend and then Ashley at piano. We headed to the dentist next. I had to fill out a new patient form. WOW question upon question. Gramma knew some, didn't know others, and I am forever grateful for our dentist office. They just looked up her insurance info without me having any idea what her coverage was like. She finally got into the chair, though that was a bit of a challenge. The break was not part of her partial at all, it was her own tooth, cracked in half. I had told her no real work, and here she was less than 12 hours in her new town and she is having extensive dental work done. My dentist rocks. He is so kind and smooth and calm. He got her laughing with him and was able to perform the work even though she has a head tremor thingy happening. All and all the dentist visit went great. Tessa, my 9 year old stayed with Gramma when I had to schleep the teens up the street to Biology class. While in the dentist chair, Gramma asked if she could have Baskin Robbins? Yup, sure thing. So after her appointment, we headed for chocolate sundaes. I called Riley to see if he wanted to join us and the 4 of us all went out. Gramma choose to have car service. She's been asleep since the big dentist adventure, snoozing in her new room, sun streaming across her bed. She looks content. Still worried, still afraid she's going to have to move again, but cozy and content.

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