Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phew, what a day

Today was a long day and we still haven't eaten dinner. It's take out and taking a long time getting here. Gramma had a doctor's appointment, one I made just to get use to the new Kaiser here in Davis. Her appointment was at 11 am and I wanted her to shower before she went, so about 9 I got her up and in the shower. I am having safety bars installed tomorrow, so this was her third shower here without the bars and it is pretty stressful for her. She just so feels like she's going to fall and she doesn't spend much quality time washing her self. I am going to have to get more involved in the bathing, but for now, she got an OK soaping, mostly rinsed off and out of there. I knew from last week that it takes her some time to actually get out the door, so at 10am I started heading out. We made it to the car by 10:20 and then to the bank, to drop Ashley off at piano, then the doctor. Tessa came with us. I dropped her and Tessa off at the entrance and they headed inside to get out of the wind. I parked and then joined them. We got signed into the appointment very quickly and were greeted by a very sweet nurse. We then sat and sat and sat waiting for the doctor. Gramma's anxiety increased the longer we waited. Tessa and I played games a lot and finally I went out and asked for when the doctor was coming to see us. Our 11:10 appointment became am 11:40 appointment. Gramma had a very difficult time remembering why we were at the doctors. She asked me many times why. She did not want to be there at all. The doctor asked lots of questions, reviewed her charts, then looked at her sore on her belly, which didn't look as bad as it did 2 days ago, which means she is healing well. It was just an old boil, almost healed. No need for any worry, a little topical ointment and it should heal up just fine. She then needed to go and well, got her pants a little wet again and we just continued on. You couldn't tell, I asked the nurse for a pad for the car and off we went to the pharmacy to pick up meds. That took a little while, but Tessa and Gramma had a nice time waiting and they both noticed the hand sanitizer and Gramma asked to use some.I learned a lot about my mom's medical care and meds and such today which was the exact reason I scheduled this appointment.

We then went out for a bite to eat and yes, Gramma had ice cream for lunch. I asked the server to make her scoops really tiny. I noticed Gramma eats 2 meals a day in general. A late breakfast and a late lunch dinner. So today she had oatmeal and cantaloupe for breakfast, ice cream for snack, and a small bowl of soup for dinner. She also has water, juice and tea. Yesterday she wanted a bean burrito with her soup and so I split one with her to cut back the calories and white carbs. If I served her the whole thing she would eat it all. She enjoyed the half just as much as a whole I think.

We got home about 1:30 and headed right back out to pick up Tessa's friend. I got Gramma all tucked in before we left and Riley was home. I then picked up the safety bars which we will have installed tomorrow. Three of them, one outside the shower, one on the first shower wall and a big long one along the entire length of the long wall of the shower. Hopefully this helps with her security. I still need to get a hose nozzle for the shower so I can wash and rinse all her foldies.

I helped the girls make sugar cookie dough when we got home and then back out to get Ashley. Back home I made Ashley lunch, helped Riley get ready to swim, and baked the cookies. Gramma woke up to the smell and she had one tiny star cookie with the girls. Then off to bring Riley to swim practice. Gramma stayed home with the girls and hung out with them while I was gone. I got home just in time to get the girls to theater at 4:30. I worked a bit at theater and then headed home to be with Gramma.

She was in the process of getting ready for bed and I thought it was a bit early, so I asked her to come have a small bite to eat and hang out with me for a bit. Quality 15 minute moment. I served her 1/2 can of yummy gumbo soup that we have in the pantry. She then went and brushed her teeth and got ready for bed while I went to do the pick up rounds. Tim was home now to.

I got Riley, then the 4 girls at theater. I dropped 2 girls off, brought Riley home and took my two to get their Annie scripts bound. It took forever and Tessa was in a melting down mode. She was mad her script was wrinkled from use, mad at how I arranged her music, classic Tessa mad. Her madness made waiting that much longer and she was so stuck. Her script also didn't bind well because it was so wrinkled and she started in again being so upset and sure she can't get another one...I have to remember to breathe. Anything I say escalates the issue. Absolutely everything I say is wrong and doesn't help at all and she vocalizes how wrong I am, spinning up into her emotions...It's well, it's Tessa and it's part of who she is.

We got home at 8pm and I remembered I forgot something at theater that I needed, so I dropped the girls off and headed back down the street to get the coupons to the fabric store that I dropped. I had a sweet nice visit with 2 theater friends, took my time to breathe, and headed back home. I've been blogging since and should really go eat now that our dinner is finally here. Gramma needs her final pills for the night too and I'll hang out with her for a bit while she settles in to sleep.

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