Monday, October 19, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day of the Big Move

Gramma is going to actually move in tomorrow. Yup, Tuesday, Oct 20th, in the evening my sister and her2 kids are driving her up. Her stuff will be brought up earlier in the day by a friend who owns a moving company. Tomorrow seems perfect. Yesterday was hectic, today it rained and was (is) Ashley B-day, tomorrow is just a good plain perfect day for this adventure to begin. I have been blessing the house with energy of connection and warmth getting things ready. My one big concern is will she like the smaller room? The wood floors? Being down stairs while the rest of us are up stairs? Will she be able to maneuver her walker around and will she feel warm enough and cozy enough to call this home? We won't know until she is here and living with us. So tomorrow is the day and it's going to be perfect and OK and good.

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