Monday, October 26, 2009

Perpetual Breakfasts, Hair Do, Pumpkin Patch

Gramma was more clear this am and simply got up when I got home from a gardening job around 10am. She ate breakfast, just a bit after Ashley had me make her breakfast. Riley then got up about the time Gramma headed back to her room for a rest and I made him something to eat. Tessa got up about 45 minutes later and I made her something too. Once again, did I make myself something other than coffee? No. I showered and got ready for the day also.

Around noon I got Gramma up and I got her set up to wash her hair in the sink. She does a very thorough job scrubbing until it's squeaky clean. Wow, blast to my childhood sitting in the tub washing my hair until it was squeaky. We then set her up for a blow dry. I dried, Tessa brushed. Not bad. I then curled her hair with a curling iron, Tessa ratted the curls and we styled away together. I know Tessa would like to own this job and I'm going to have her learn from the best, my friend Thomas. Mom liked her hair, told me to brush it up a bit more in one spot. It amazes me what she can see. She asked for a mirror to check herself out. We then headed out to our local pumpkin patch.

Gramma did great at the pumpkin patch. She had to walk/roll over hay and a slight grade. She then saw the kittens and decided we had to make it in to hold them. The four kids with me scampered all over the place and I walked my mom's speed with her, holding her walker for her assurance that she was making it along ok. First up was a baby bunny that needed some loving. Gramma held that sweet baby who fell asleep. She asked if she could kiss it and gave in a few light smooched. We then headed over to the kittens, but a baby goat got in Grammas path. Did you know this little lady can touch her toes. She grabbed onto the seat of her walker and reached right down to the ground to give the baby goat some love. The goat liked her walker alot and followed under her until I shooed it away for it and Gramma's safety. She held a baby kitten next. We walked in the barn and she played with some goats, a baby cow, and looked at the other animals. I had her sit in the shade for a bit while I helped the kids find pumpkins and then I got her into the van, drove up to the area we pay for our goods, and off home we went, 8 pumpkins, 1 Gramma, 1 mom, 2 teen aged girls, 1 12 year old boy and Tessa, almost 10. We stopped at the strawberry farm next door for some yummy fall harvest fresh strawberries. Yum. We got home about 3pm and Gramma took a snooze.

She just ate her main meal of the day with us, kind of a lunch dinner. She had some baby oreos. It's all about chocolate for her and she is not kidding around. If there is one thing she remembers is to ask for chocolate after a meal. I'm doing the yes we have some, no not right now with her as I don't want it to be expected that at every meal there will be chocolate. I bought some fat free pudding with added calcium as a side dish for once in awhile. She's having a little bit of some kind of chocolate each day and I feel that is perfect. It is what she loves alot.

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