Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Night, First Morning

Gramma went to sleep easily. I didn't hear her at all through the night, so I am taking that as a good sign. She was up when I got up at 7am to give her her first round of pills. These pills need to be taken without food, so I give them early in the am and I tucked her back into bed. 9 am will be the official wake up time for Gramma, that's when she can get dressed or not, and come eat breakfast with one or more of the kids. She was confused again this am about why she is here. She somehow hasn't let it sink in that she moved to Davis to live with us. She's afraid she's going to be put in a home, sent away, not wanted. She does feel a bit like she was sent away and one could look at the situation and agree. We know, though, that her moving in with me and my family will keep her from being sent away. I am hoping to help her grasp this through the next few weeks as we all get to know each other.

She's funny and doesn't shut the door when in the bathroom. Depending on where you stand on the stairs, you can have a view almost into the bathroom, so I do think my idea of hanging a curtain at the entrance to her space will give a little bit of privacy.

I am off to shower and get ready for our day. First up, call the dentist to have the bridge work done. Then stop by the senior center to see if we can borrow some equipment for the bathroom, like a shower chair and a commode riser. We have Ashley's piano lesson at 10:45 to get too and the girls have Biology at noon followed by math, so I will have some carpooling duties today as well. Riley will go to swimming and both girls will go to theater. I need to work on costumes for Annie and will head down to theater once Tim is home from work. A regular day, now with Gramma living here too.

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