Sunday, November 29, 2009

Annie, She made it!

Yesterday, Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving. Gramma was tired. I could see she was worn out a bit. Having her tooth chip the night before Thanksgiving bothers her and she wants it fixed. She does not like people seeing her with this front snagly tooth. We had tickets yesterday to see the play the girls are in and that I costumed. My cousins Ann and Ellie and Mary were also visiting. Turned out Ellie was sick, so she and Mary stayed home and only Ann came up. Gramma was sweet and social with us, she got up and enjoyed a snack together, but she also said she didn't want to go to the play. I told her she was going anyhow, because it was important to me and to the kids, so she got ready, even though she would have rather stayed home all cozy in bed. She's a bit nervous when we are around crowds and yesterday it was very nice to have Ann along with us as a calm for my mom. We had front row seats right near the middle and the play was great again. At intermission Gramma asked if she had to go back in and I said yup, so she headed back in for Act 2. She did love being at the show, she talked about it coming home and she was glad she went. Tessa and Ashley both were happy she shared the show with them, so really it all was good. Knowing when to push and when to back off is always tough. I was the one who wanted my mom to see the show, for the girls, for myself, and for her. She says she doesn't remember things, so maybe she won't remember today what we did yesterday, but I saw her singing to the final song of Tomorrow and for that I am glad she had the experience. Today will be a lazy day, at home, cleaning, relaxing, getting Gramma up and showered, hair washed, that kind of day, with no plans.

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