Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gramma will stay in bed all day if you let her

Yesterday was a busy busy day and maybe now that I think about it I should have asked for some help from my sister and brother. I got Gramma up for a breakfast break and we chatted and listened to music for about 1 hour, but at 12:30 I had to go to theater with the girls for the opening of Annie and Tim had already taken Riley to a swim meet. Gramma was very sweet about being OK with staying home alone for such a long time and assured me she would not go anywhere other than the bathroom. We got home at 5pm. By 5:30 we headed out again to go to an awards night for Riley's swimming. We didn't get home again until 8:30. Ashley did stop in at 7 and checked in on Gramma, but really, she was home most of the day alone and she stays in bed. Is this OK? That's when I start going, well it is what she prefers actually, so in a way we are giving her a gift of being able to sleep all cuddly all day. But, staying in bed all day isn't a very healthy way to be, so in order to help her be her healthiest self, she needs more activity and interaction. We did have her hang out in the evening with us, I had her eat a light meal, have some tea, and conversation, but for the most part yesterday, Gramma was alone and in bed.

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