Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday: it's been a full 2 weeks.

Today was an average kind of day, if one has an average day. Ashley got a call to a babysitting job, so before anyone else woke up she and I headed over to meet a nice new family in town and get aquaited with them. Ashley will work a few hours a week. At home I started making the man breakfasts that happen here at our home. Tessa is sick so I cancelled her dental cleaning. Gramma had a simple breakfast of oatmeal, a small yogurt and a pear, plus tea. I engaged her in a conversation about Thanksgiving. We kind of started a menu and I keep asking her for cooking help which gives her something to talk about. It is stuff I do want to know and she is very good at remembering these tasks. She's going to mentor me through her gravy. I need help with it every year. She also wants to help make the stuffing and we plan to make a shortbread crust for our pumpkin pie this year. It looks yummy. We will have traditional crusts for our quiches for brunch, so I wanted to mix it up this year. Tessa asked for that awesome soup from last year. I made butternut squash soup and it was delicious. I have a few squashes on the table and decided to try out a recipe now. I made a very thick, rich Butternut squash soup, just broth, squash, carrots, celery, onions, simmered until soft and then pureed. It came out yummy and Gramma loved my soup. She had a bowl and asked for another bowl. When she finished that she wanted more, but I asked her to wait until later. She headed back to her cozy zone and snoozed for a while, probably 2 hours, then came back out. I gave her an avocado and some more soup. She also had a tiny bowl of pesto pasta. It seemed like a lot of food today, but it was almost all fresh fruit/veggies. I picked up a CD of music at the libray, Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey. Gramma loved listening and talked about memories. She has some but they are hard for her to hold on to. She did ask me about someone named Paul. That kind of stopped me and so I said there are 2 Pauls that are important to you and she said, yea, cousin Paul, but what about the other Paul. My dad was Paul, her husband. He died many many years ago and it seems she has lost her memory of him. Kinda strange. She came out again for some tea, said she couldn't sleep and we all chuckled because it was 7 pm. Time change thing here. She took her good night pills early. No walk today, I'm going to have to motivate that tomorrow.


  1. OK so I figured out how to post.

    I wanted to say before that this blog is better than reality TV. Thanks for putting it out there Mary.

    I love that your Mom is getting so much loving attention. It may just be that she is getting so much stimulation that her head doesn't have room for everything anymore. I hope so. Anyway, it is good.

    I am looking at the calendar and trying to figure out when I can stop by. Likely this weekend will work. Do you have lots of plans Sat or Sunday?

    Love, Paul

  2. Oops and I meant next weekend 14-15. I am at Green Gulch doing yoga this weekend.

  3. Ha, I just noticed that I got a comment. You have come by already....Thank you Paul, for Loving my mom the way you do!