Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Dentist, and ANXIETY

Okay, now when my mom is going out for a hair do and a treat, she is all game and clear and not so confused. But when she is going to do something she does not want to do, well that is a whole nother story. I took her to the dentist today, for a basic check and to have the dentist get to know her. I found out she needs antibiotics before cleaning, so no cleaning today. She also has a small broken filling that will be repaired soon. Overall she did great, but I could not leave the room. Period. She said, Mary stay with me please, and when Tessa wanted some water, she said, please don't go anywhere. And I stayed. We played games and sang little songs while we waited. Tessa is such fun to have along and is real help for me, walking her in while I park, that kind of thing. Gramma did not like being at the dentist, but she likes Dr. Childress and is willing to have him work on her teeth. We will go in again on Friday and I'll learn all about cleaning her partials and her teeth. She does not do a very good job at all. Lots of questions.

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