Saturday, November 14, 2009

Awesome visit with Cousin Paul

Gramma had a visitor today and it worked out so well. I got her up early and showered, them we headed out to Thomas' to have her hair done. Thomas needed to press my hair too, because, so I got my hair pressed and then Gramma got her wash and style. My cousin Paul, my mom's nephew came to visit and he showed up right when we were finishing the hair do sessions. It was cold out and even with a jacket, Gramma wanted warm, so we headed inside to Nugget where Tessa and Gramma had their usually, bowls of clam chowder. It was very nice to be joined by another adult and have lunch together. We had chocolate too, as we always do when we go out. We lingered over lunch a bit and chatted. The store was crowded and even with the noise, Gramma seemed very content. We headed home about 12:30, 2 1/2 hours later. That's a nice long lunch outing for my mom.

When we got home I encouraged her to sit and visit with Paul some more at the table and she tried, but she needed to change positions and she headed back into her room. Paul was with us for a few hours, helped carry in our new entertainment center, visited with me and Tessa, and with my mom several times throughout the afternoon. Gramma came out for tea and even though she asked for something to eat, I asked her to wait. It had been less than 2 hours after our big brunch. She doesn't really sense the time and has a routine of table and food. Every day I try to have one time out be not food related, we draw, or I have her help me with something, she has tea, we listen to music. She plays along, even though she would prefer a cookie.

She was laughing while visiting with Paul, that deep laugh that just brought smiles to me. She is content and happy here and the people she loves and love her will still be a part of her life. Paul has been a big part of my mom's life, since he was young. The last several years he has been able to visit her since they lived in the same area. He's now a bit more than an hour away and very busy on weekends, so this was the first time they saw eachother since she moved. Gramma really enjoyed his presence and I think now knows though she won't see him as often, he is always there, a part of her life.

After Paul left we all took the afternoon off. I actually climbed into bed and snoozed for awhile, Riley joined me, Gramma was snoozing in her room, Tim went and snoozed, and Tessa was up on the couch playing animal crossing. Lucky Ashley was at a Broadway show in Sacramento of Spring Awakening. Everyone was comfy, where they wanted to be. Gramma did get up again about 5pm and Tessa made her a snack while I made her a salad dinner. She had her tea and asked if she could go to bed after. She likes when it is bed time in pj's. She did ask a few questions when I was talking with her. She asked who she was mom too. Now I got the feeling she knew the answer, but I told her and again she asked who her husband was. My dad died so many decades ago it's a bit strange to be chatting about him and filling her in. I mentioned today where he worked and she commented, oh yea, that's where we met... She also wanted to remember Heidelmann's, a German hiking club we use to spend our winters and summers at up in the mountains. She couldn't quite see it and so I described the place again and she recalled bits and pieces about our time there. She remembered Helen and Joe, my friend Erin and Franny's parents. It was great to have someone interacting with Gramma today. She got a double dose, because first she was visiting with Thomas and then spent the afternoon visiting with Paul. Thank you both for being a part of my mom's life. It makes a big difference.

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