Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving was JOYFUL

Here are two dishes that we made. Gramma's fudge, made for nut lovers and those who don't care for nuts and Tessa's addition of raspberry fruit dip served with apples, pears, bananas and strawberries. Yummy. The camera that is coming to me needs to get here soon, because I am relying on Ashley's cell phone right now and she was at her friends house when our dinner was all ready. We ate Quiche, Butternut squash soup, and fruit with dip for lunch. Thank you Ashley for these shots. I have no pictures of us all together, eating and laughing. It was an alcohol free, totally joyful meal with my sister, her two kids and boyfriend, my brother, Tim's brother, and my mom. Everyone had a very nice day. I say alcohol free because my mom, my brother, and my sister all have freed themselves from the dis-ease of alcoholism. Tim and I never really cared one way or the other about alcohol and have not had any in the house for years. Since I served on the fine china paper plates, the dishes were very easy to do after. We have loads of leftovers and all around this Thanksgiving was everything it was meant to be for us. Tessa dressed up as a Native American too. Our own sweet Sacajawea.

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