Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Soup on the Stove

We just made a delectable butternut squash soup. It all started with Ashley coming home and needing to play piano. Her piano playing is beautiful and it fills the entire house with resonating chords. Riley can not watch TV when she is playing and he seemed like he needed something challenging, so I asked if he would peel a butternut squash. I wanted to make soup sometime soon. He took to the task and 3 peeled squashes later we all were chopping and peeling and sauteing while Ashley had us in the middle of We Wish you a Merry Christmas. The soup is on and bubbling away, 3 squashes worth in the big pot. I'm thinking of saving some and freezing it for Thanksgiving, but who knows, Riley might just have a need to peel squash again. And did he do a thorough job, all around the stem end and the bottom. Three perfectly peeled squashes! Gramma and Tessa chopped away on the celery and then moved on to peeling carrots. Such joy.

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