Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm going to need to do more research!

Gramma is confused. She lives perfectly fine in the here and now. She's not at all holding on to any memories from the past and they seem to be slipping. It's so hard to know if she has the memories, if she is confused, what....Today again she woke from a nap and was thinking about Paul. Again, I said, well, Paul Cianciolo of course and she's like yea, I know that Paul, but who is the other Paul. My dad. I'm wondering what she is trying to remember or what feeling she is having. She doesn't remember her old big bed we all use to pile on, nor what she use to wear. I'm at a place with her where I don't push the old memories. She remembered Thomas just fine and used his name in conversation after the fact. That is one new person in her life. She remembers Marylou, who I need to call and plan a get together with. She remembers Patsy and Bob and Shawn and Wyatt, that's all good. She talked to Shawn today. She has some strong feels still about having to move, so it's good that she shares with me her thoughts. Sometimes she feels like she was thrown out, and that is just so My Mom, herself, that strong emotional opinion. She was invited to move and she chose to move. It makes life better for all involved. But, she still feels displaced. She says she is very comfy and happy here, she has had few crying spells, and really seems well adjusted. She does what I ask her even when she doesn't want to, like take a shower. Today she seems a bit agitated, and that seems to come with confusion. We talked about it and I mentioned the more stimulation the better the brain will work, so next week I'll take her at least 1 time to theater in the afternoon for as long as she can hang. She helped me with my bows today and I'll have her do some other projects. It's not easy finding things, though that interest her and engage her. She often passes, no thank you, I'm going back to my room. Our routine is a meal, some tea, some talking, some laughing, a game of words or other story or music then she heads back. She is usually up for about 1 hour when she gets up and does this 3-5 times a day. If I haven't seen her in 3-4 hours, I'll invite her out. I keep her meals and snacks healthy, though she is having small amounts of chocolate which she loves. I need to find her shoes for rain, get her toenails clipped, and have a psychiatry appointment, more for me to ask questions than for her to be seen. I'm wanting all the info on Brain Games and such to help stimulate. The research talks about too much too, so I'd just like some ideas to add to my ideas.

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