Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday, Saturday

I got up very early yesterday to help get the boys out to a travel swim meet. It was a bit bittersweet for me because I have always been the one to travel with Riley while Tim stays home. I asked him what he would want to do and he picked travel, so off they went.

Tessa's friend Kai stayed for an overnight and the two of them are so creative and fun. They sewed, they shopped, they made a tea party. While I was out, they cooked pasta and gave Gramma a lunch. I worked a job site yesterday, gardening for seniors, which is always enjoyable for me. I drove Jeremy home and took Ashley to a babysitting job.

Gramma did something funny yesterday. She keeps thinking it's later than it is, so at about 5 pm, after her lunchish meal at 3pm, she gets in her pj's and thinks it's bedtime. She does all her bedtime routine and then wonders why she can't sleep. Yesterday I got back form driving Jeremy home and she was in her pj's. She kinda got mad at herself and decided to get back in her clothes and came out for another chat session and some of the burrito salad I picked up for her. She was asking why she thinks it's night already? I'm just reminding her of the time change and it is really the beginning of night, so she's not so off. She was funny, though in how she scolded herself for being so mixed up. "I know" she says, "it's the dementia."

New quote from a mom with dementia. "I may have dementia but I'm not crazy"

She says this when I leave her alone and remind her about the pool in the back yard and to not go out the door. She's so cute and smiley when she talks about her self like this.

I washed her clothes yesterday and when I brought them into her room to fold, she asked me to leave them for her to do. An hour later I went in and she had folded and put all her laundry away and had a nice pile of towels for me to take to the kitchen. She still asks daily, when she first wakes up if she is dying. My answer to her is no, no diagnosis of a terminal illness. I then ask her if she feels healthy. Yup, she does. Then she wonders why she always asks me and I talk about it being a real fear of hers and to not worry about asking me, because asking questions is thinking and thinking is good. She did ask again yesterday if she had to move again. Nope, no moving. She also was worried she had to go somewhere. Nope, can't go anywhere, Tim has the van. She's very content when she doesn't have to do things other than sleep, eat, and chat and be comfy.

She did shower yesterday and got in and out all by herself with only a few moans and groans. She wonders why she hates the shower so much too and again, it's a fear of falling or getting stuck. I can see why she doesn't like it, it's difficult for her and it's slippery and she's never liked being naked around people and there she is naked needing help and afraid. I'm letting her take a shower one day, then not the next.

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