Friday, November 20, 2009

Tessa's Birthday Day, Gramma shines

Yesterday Tessa turned 10. I had a few last minute shopping items to get, so Riley and I headed out to the store for some surprisings. We got her some balloons, a cake for theater, and some flowers for Gramma to give her with a card. While Riley distracted Tessa with the balloon gift, I snuck into Gramma's room, had her sign the card and gave her the flowers and asked her to get ready for the day. About 10 minutes later I suggested to Tessa to go wake Gramma up. Oh boy was there love flowing between these two. Tessa was just shocked Gramma has a card for her and she loved the flowers. We had Gramma get up and enjoy some of Ashley's famous sprinkle pancakes. We then had a round of lessons to get Ashley too and I snuck in going to the pharmacy to get Gramma some pills. She's having her teeth cleaned today and she takes antibiotics prior to cleaning. Two dental appointments in one week. Wow.

At 12:30 Tessa and I got Gramma up to go out for our Thursday at Thomas'. By the time I had the car parked, Thomas was washing away her hair. We did a treatment to her scalp, just a little baking soda one time a month to control flakeys. Thomas says her scalp is so much healthier. She's just not flaking like she was. Tessa got a bun for theater. She was wearing her new suit coat and looks so professional, it's a crack up. She even drew herself a briefcase on the outside of her sketch pad. We went into Nugget for soup and cocoa and Thomas snuck in and paid for our lunch. We laughed about switching money, I paid him, he got our lunch. Funny. We got home about three. We did have a little cupcake each and Gramma and I sang Happy Birthday to Tessa. Theater by 4 pm. Tessa did not know I had cakes for her, so that was fun to surprise her at dinner break with cake for the whole cast.

We got home from theater at 9:30. Gramma had not gotten up or taken her evening meds and Riley and Tim had the entire table piled in gifts. It was a purple polka dot pile of joy. Tessa got Gramma up, I made her a little meal and we all enjoyed watching Tessa open her gifts. It was a baking themed birthday and Tessa was overflowing with love, excitement and body slamming hugs. She squealed and jumped up and down with each gift she opened. She got a mixing bowl, an electric hand mixer, a spatula that angles up so she won't burn her hand when she flips things, a sifter, a lemon juicer, a grater, measuring cups, an ice cream scope, a melon ball scoop, and a peeler that is shaped like a monkey. This kid is in heaven. I cleared out a drawer for her and she was able to put most of her new tools away. She went to bed dreaming of what to cook next, something we have to sift of course. Tessa and Gramma both were laughing and checking out each new tool and it was a great midnight birthday party, complete with tiny pieces of cake left over from theater. Seeing my mom so involved with the activity is such a joy. She was right there with Tessa, sharing her enthusiasm for cooking, saying she'll be right there to taste her creations. It was an awesome way to end a busy day full of celebrating. I am very glad we asked Gramma to come join us. She enjoyed it, Tessa loved it, and we have a new memory of Tessa celebrating her birthday with her Gramma on her birthday, something Tessa doesn't remember ever happening before.

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