Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hair Do Thursdays

Thursday 12 noon, Hair Do at Thomas' followed by clam chowder, salad and frozen yogurt. Gramma already has this routine down. I'm thinking next week we might venture to a new eatery for our girls lunch out. Thursdays are going to go like this, Ashley Piano lesson 10-10:30, bagel pick up day, then Ashley vocal lessons 11-11:30, during which time I pick my mom up. We then get Ashley at 11:30 and head over to Thomas' shop for the mighty hair wash and Do. Then lunch out somewhere. We have been making it easy and just having lunch right there at Nugget. Gramma enjoys herself and she feels so good with her hair done and her lipstick on. It's a pleasure to see her looking so good. It's funny too, because she goes right back to bed once we get home. She has been able to redo her do and last week it lasted all the way until today still looking pretty good. 6 days. Tessa and I will wash her hair again on Monday's, then Thomas will do his thing on Thursdays.

Yesterday when I suggested we go out for a walk, she declined. Walks for no reason are not pleasurable to her. Tomorrow I'm going to take her with me to the senior center and finally donate some of her jewelry and sign up as members. We'll do this during Ashley's math class, which happens to be right next door. I'm thinking of taking my mom once a week, probably Monday to the senior center lunch program for a bit of social time and elder support. I'm not sure she will go for this, but I'm going to ask her to try it at least 2 times. Even if we go just once a month, it would be something else to do in our week that gets her up and out. Gramma loves her food. I'm going to invite her friend Marylou to join us, when I remember to call her back!

Being out is a challenge for Gramma, mainly because she gets anxious, but also because she needs to use the bathroom a lot and she's scared of accidents. I'm totally there with her and it must be frustrating to not be able to move quickly when things are a happening. Today she needed to right when Thomas got her comfy in the hair washing chair and he easily stopped what he were doing and she was fine. I am carrying a change of clothes for her now, though because of what happened at the doctors office. Just so she can be comfortable.

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