Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I get to make the dentist decision!

Gramma's tooth chipped out again the night before Thanksgiving. She was very funny when she came out to tell me and laughed for a good long time about how her tooth chipped off, how she's a jack-o-lantern now. I know she did not like having it chipped for all the guests, but she was gracious about the whole ordeal. It's her front one and it looks really unsightly. At the dentist yesterday, we talked about options. Pull it and place a fake tooth on her partial or build a crown onto the tooth. Cost, time in the chair, pain all factor in and my mom says, what ever you decide, Mary. Yikes, it's up to me. I told the dentist to let us think about it and so that is what I am doing, thinking about it. I am leaning towards having a crown done for her as the cost should not limit us when Gramma has the money for this. I hope she can handle the sitting in the chair part, but I also know the dentist knows her comfort level and he will make sure to let her have some walking around breaks.

Today I can tell my mom is down in spirit. Not sure where that is coming from. She's just not so jolly, not so interested in chatting or being out with us. I do remember from past years the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas was always difficult and maybe that's what I am seeing. I'm looking forward to our day out with Thomas on Thursday. Tomorrow I am going to check at Kaiser about changing her wheel chair and getting a local doctor.

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