Monday, December 7, 2009

Gramma Update

We have a pretty simple routine around here. Gramma prefers her own room, with little outings out to be with us, eat, have tea, and chat. She is happiest talking with Tessa and the two of them laugh and share stories. It's very sweet, how much Gramma enjoys Tessa's company and how much Tessa loves being with her Gramma. Yesterday Tessa brought all her stuffed toys into Gramma's room and put them all over her. She told stories about each one and let Gramma check them all out. She them added another critter to Gramma's growing critter piles. She is now the proud parent of a bearbear, a bunny, a panda, a kitty and a duck. Gramma really likes her critters and she gives them all attention.

It's super chilly out this week and even though we should be out on walks, it's just too cold to take Gramma out, so we will save our big outing for Friday when we take Gramma to see Thomas.

I haven't found anything lately which I feel really stimulates Gramma's brain activity other than good conversations, keeping her updated on things, and listening to music. I'm planning to get a Christmas music CD as I have noticed Gramma sings along to most music she knows. We will be getting our Tree this week and decorating the house for the holidays. Gramma is interested in participating, I just need to figure out the wheelchair business and I keep putting it off. Tomorrow is most likely a perfect day for me to explore how to get us reissued a correct sized chair.

Thursday Gramma is going in to have her tooth repaired. It's going to be a long day for her sitting in the chair and I hope it goes well for her. It's an expensive repair, but well worth it as it is her front tooth that is cracked in half.

I'm keeping up on the daily cleaning around my mom, which isn't much, but does need to be done daily or it becomes unpleasant. Overall I feel Gramma has moved in and settled into her routine which isn't much doing, but she seems ok with that. Next up, Christmas festivities. Of course we need to close the run of Annie next weekend and I am hosting a cast party here.

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  1. If your mom likes music - you could try you can plug in a genre or artist and the site will create a station for you. My great grandmother had dementia and music from when she was younger always perked her up :)