Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dentist Day Today

Today Gramma went in for a long tooth procedure to ready her tooth for a crown. All she cared about was that it not hurt. She had a shot, which she said wasn't bad. She got numb, they worked on her tooth forever, all the while she was laying down, giving signals when she had to spit, and overall being a very patient patient. The dentist kept giving her compliments and really treats people with great respect. She got a little stir crazy towards the end, when the temp was getting fitted and she would start to sit up right when the assistant came back with her tooth. Overall it was a painless, easy, long appointment without any problems. She's so good about getting in and out of my car. We have our yellow spots where I drop her and Tessa off, the handicap bumps at walkways. We have a good routine and being we are in Davis, everything is easy, parking, walking, traffic. I left our house at 12:52, after a bathroom stop kinda through off our timing, and was at the dentist by 1:03 for our 1pm appointment. Pretty amazing as my mom walks with a walker, we have the get in the car time, the get out of the car time and the walking in time. Gramma was a star patient and I am glad we are almost finished with the tooth saga. One more appointment in January and she should be good to go.

One of the funnier moments, about 2 minutes into the job, mom was already thinking she was done, and she sat up and said, "that's all, right?" It was interesting how much we needed to let her know along the way how much longer. After about 45 minutes, the dentist announced she was half way through. After that, she didn't ask again until the tooth fitting part started. We thought it was just a minute and just a minute lasted about 30 minutes.

She napped all afternoon once we were home and I had to wake her up for dinner about 7:30. She did just get up again because she wasn't able to sleep. I found her at the counter in the kitchen, first time I have seen her there, munching a little leftovers and looking like she really does live here. A little tea, a little sleeping medication and off to bed she went, tucking in her stuffed bunny and giving her bearbear a smooch goodnight.

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  1. Mary - It's wonderful and endearing to read your blogs about gramma. Seems that she is really happy living with you and your family. I wish I could do the same for my dad. He's also got dementia and is the sweetest man. Unfortunately, he lives in Germany. My mom is still taking care of him, but it's getting to be too much for her.

    It's interesting that gramma has developed such a close relationship with Tessa. I think dementia patients kind of turn back into children, so it seems only natural that they relate to children on almost a similar level.