Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Holiday time for sure

We are really getting into the season this year, more so than we ever have, on the decorating front. We got a huge tree somehow missed priced at $35.00. It should have been over $100.00, it's at least 10 feet tall. It is a mass of white lights, our collection of ornaments and the new ones we had to buy to fill it out. This tree is big. It makes the piano look tiny. Since last season, we now as a family do a simple secret Santa during December, where we pick one name out of a hat, Santa hat of course, and then give a gift at anytime before Christmas. I got Riley this year and was going to give him a new suit before his meet, so that worked out sure well. Gramma, through me, just gave Tim his secret Santa gift. She and Tessa wrapped it together, laughing and joking the entire time. She gave him 2 framed watercolor pictures, one of garlic, one of chili peppers. Tim grew us so much garlic and chili peppers this year, the pictures are perfect. Perfect for him, perfect from Gramma because she loves his harvest, which is still coming out of the pantry, and perfect for our kitchen, which until 5 minutes ago had no art on the walls.

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