Friday, December 18, 2009

Swollen legs have me worried

Wednesday night I noticed my mom's right leg looked a bit puffy, a bit swollen, like some fluid retention. She said nothing bothered her, she could not tell, so on Thursday I took the let's wait and see approach. Her leg was no worse swollen Thursday than the night before. But then...she got up late Thursday night for some tea and wow oh wow, both her legs were swollen, looking very stretched and puffy from above the knee to her mid shin. She didn't feel a thing, but I was uncomfortable with just how swollen they were and wound up calling the advice nurse. I got a super helpful nurse, she called mom's doctor and we made a plan. All her vitals, which I took through the nurses advice were good. No chest pain, no fever, no shortness of breathe, no ash white feet, she could feel me touch her feet and her feet were warm. I sat up for a long time last night wondering, should I sleep down stairs just in case things changes. Boy, I have not had this kind of worry over Gramma before. I did finally sleep and when I woke this am, Gramma was feisty, getting mad at the TV because she can't figure out the remote and all she was hearing was bad guys kill each other. She had gotten the TV on the history channel instead of food network. I was so glad she was so upbeat and her legs look much better today. I AM STILL TAKING HER TO THE DOCTOR. Even though she doesn't want to go, even though she says they can't do anything, even though she says they don't bother her. They bother me and I need to know more.

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  1. Mary,

    I am glad you are having this checked. Your mom is so sedentary that this could be a problem. Hope it all resolves easily.

    Love, Paul