Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yes, No, Yes, No...

And so it goes. So far in the past 3 days, Gmom has said yes to surgery and no to surgery and yes again. Yesterday she woke up panicking and called me to her room to ask, "Did I have my surgery?" It is all so confusing to her and while we all believe surgery is the right choice, she doesn't. Not really. I tried last night to break down what it was about surgery that she didn't want. She told me she thinks she is too old to have such a big operation. And you know what, I kind of agree. Her age, 80.5 years young does increase her risk of complications. She is appearing more content in letting things be and what happens happens. It's hard to know the fate of this choice, just like it is hard to know the fate of her having a successful colon resection surgery. Bottom line for her, home is comfy and safe and in THIS moment right now that is where she wants to be.

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