Tuesday, January 17, 2012

She's getting on our nerves

Gmom has been panicky and anxiety filled and overall cranky lately. She yells out for me day and night and when I ask what is up or how can I help you, she has nothing to say. I leave and 1 minute later she is screaming for me again..."can I have chocolate," or "do I have to go", or "when do they take me"...over and over and OVER again. Yes. you can tell I am getting annoyed...Trying so hard to get through to her, in a kind loving way, TO BE NICE OR ELSE. I know yelling is not going to help, but I did raise my voice yesterday.

I had helped her in the bathroom, I got her water and then told her I was sitting down to play a game with the family. 3 minutes later she starts screaming, "Mary".. I ignored it. "Mary" again, it's getting to me. "MARY" so loud I jump in my skin a bit...and so I Yelled...I told her to leave me a lone for a few minutes, that I just helped her and I wanted to spend 20 minutes playing a game with my kids and hubby. And you know what, it just makes her feel bad, and me feel bad...will she remember? No...will she scream out for me again? Yes. Breathing, releasing, relaxing. I am just not sure we all can handle living with her when she is so demanding, so loud and forceful in her requests, and so unable to filter herself these days. I have a call in to her doc to maybe change her meds, add a sleeping med, and another call in to the surgeon...Hurry up and schedule this already...

The other side of this is she keeps retching, keeps thinking she needs to throw up. Whenever she gets stressed. like after I chewed her out for interrupting my game, she gets all panicky and retches. The sound is loud and fills the house and we all are tired of it. She also is waking up Ashley who is in her 2nd semester of college and has a very full schedule and no room for missed sleep, so...overall, the family is being affected in many ways and we won't be able to continue long term living with her if she keeps up the cranky screaming retching panic attacks. Options now...and working with her docs...and surgery...t

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