Friday, January 20, 2012

Trying to make it work...for everyone

No sleep...the end...for anyone...ok my teensTessa and Riley have not been bothered by Gmom's big midnight calls. Tim and Ashley (in college) on the other hand are weary from the many calls for help. I tend to sleep through about half the calling and go and harass her the other half and help as needed. Her lack of sleeping and panicky nights have been going on for more than 2 weeks and we are done, finished, talking care homes and apartment living. At least she stopped hacking and retching, that made the whole house vibrate as she somehow amplifyed the noise with the bowl bedside.That was LOUD.

I called the advice nurse Tuesday. Wow that was the worse conversation I have ever had. She must have had a triple latte because she was buzz talking and interrupting everything I said. And then she would say, "Oh I don't need all the details" What, I haven't given you any because you have talked over me for the entire call. Plus my mom needed help while I was on the phone. I hung up mad and it was early and I was tired, like all nighter from college during finals tired. Not good. I then emailed her doc and he responded with "it sounds like a need for psychiatry". I called psychiatry Tuesday. They took a message. I called again Wednesday, they said "we will get you on the calender" in a message. I called again Thursday and they told me, "oh, she's on a wait list. By the way, the wait list is out 50 days at least." FIFTY DAYS...I told them "NOT OK give me options or we all will be in psychiatry." They gave me another number, I left another message...We got no sleep again last night.

Today I emailed the doctor, told him the details and then I realized I could email her old psychiatrist, the one who wrote a prescription for sleep meds 3 years ago...AND she said "yes I can help you, yes I will send that right to the your pharmacy and if you have questions please let me know"...We have always called this doctor Dr. Sunshine because she was the first who saw mom when she was getting loopy. She put her on vitamin D and told her to get outside in the sun for at least 30 minutes everyday...Doctor Sunshine you sent your rays of sunlight and sleeping potion our way on this blustery day and I thank you so much. On top of having meds tonight we woke Gmom up every 45 minutes from 7am until 9pm tonight. I set a little timer and hopped on her bed and chatted and she laughed at my wake up Gmom antics. I got her up to the table more than usually also and Tessa and I bought her an Elmo coloring book. She colored Big Bird so yellow.

I just gave her that little white pill...oh please do your magic and help her relax and sleep and forget that she yells out "MAAAARRRRYYYY" every 45 minutes from 2 am until 7 am.

That's an interesting thing about dementia habits. She gets a habit and it  seem all encompassing and then it fade away and another habit takes hold. Sleep over retching, yelling, and potty breaks...I am visualizing it oh so clearly....Sleep... I see her now so comfy in her blankets, clean from her shower and in fresh linens. Sleeping...Sleeping...ah..Good Night.

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