Friday, December 9, 2011

Gmom is going in for surgery

Just a quick update...on Monday night Dec. 6th my mom had a lot of intestinal bleeding. After consulting with the advice nurse we made an appointment for Tuesday am. At that appt. we were kinda rushed over to ER where they quickly got her on an IV and took 8 vials of blood for testing. ER was a 10 hour peaceful ordeal ending with her being admitted to the hospital.

Wednesday was just a hang out and wait day...until the evening when it was decided she needed a colonoscopy and the prep began....Oh joy...My mom can guzzle...she powered down her gallon of juice in 30 minutes and well then things got going...I am really glad I was there as she was unable to get herself from bed to pot and needed help. My help got her there in a minimal amount of mess.

Thursday she had her procedure and they found cancer, 2 spots so far and a very diseased colon, full of diverticulitis. They were only able to move about 3/4 through the colon and so...she was scheduled for another colon prep and scope.

Prep last night was the same. She guzzled, this time sitting on the pot...Somewhere along the line her monitors showed her heart was being irregular, so they, meaning all the staff, rushed in, freaked her out, got her to the bed, and gave her an EKG. More blood taken, more problems finding a good vein...But once in bed she went from freaked to calm, and sad, and worried, but mostly comfortable. She finally was ok with the stuff just filling her diaper, after all she had nothing in her, what was coming out looked just like it went in...

She will have her 2nd colonoscopy this morning...And then we get to find out the plan for surgery. This might not be pretty folks, when a colon is removed, a baggy gets added on the outside...And I know she is going to feel so defeated from this. I actually think in the long term, for someone who has trouble wiping back there anyhow, this just might make things easier for her. It may be different. Will know later today.

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