Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Take away the limits and the cravings do change! Unschooling Gramma


I originally set this blog up to document our homeschooling life and the changes that came with my mom moving in. It started out being all about my mom, her daily life and what we were experiencing. Getting back to the plan, I want to write today about some changes I have noticed with my mom regarding food.

Gramma, Marie, My mom, Gmom...She lives with us now, has been here since October, and we all have a very nice routine in place. Gramma loves to eat, eats for happiness, eats for sadness. She eats. She loves food. She loves rich foods, sweet foods, hearty foods, tasty foods, fresh foods....Most all foods, except peppermint:-)

She especially loves chocolate. Since the day she moved in, whenever I asked, what do you want from the store, she says, bring chocolate. And so we have. We have had chocolate in the house, good quality dark chocolate, low end holiday chocolate, chocolate milk, hot chocolate. If it is chocolate, we have been keeping it in the house. And we have been giving my mom some at each meal. Nothing too huge, just a piece or two with her breakfast, a piece or 2 after dinner. We make cakes and share them with her. We buy ice cream and give her some....5 months later, she says, enough chocolate, I just really like those fiber bars....Those are just as good as any chocolate I eat. So lets not get anymore candy, ok.

Well then Easter came, and more chocolate. She's still liking chocolate candy, if you put some on her plate she'll eat it. But, in general, Gramma will be happily satisfied with a chocolate chip fiber bar, thank you very much she says.

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