Friday, January 1, 2010

Gramma with Thomas, a weekly adventure

Here's a nice New Years Eve picture with Gramma and my good friend Thomas, who is an awesome stylist and very kind soul. He takes great care of my mama each week, gets her chatting and telling stories. He washes then sets her hair, something she has enjoyed as long as I have known my mom. She feels so good after a Thomas date and we always follow up our hair appointment with a soup and hot cocoa at Nugget Market. It makes for a good reason to get up and walk, we walk from the car to the shop, then back to the store and then to the car again. For my mama, walking about 100 feet is her limit, then a break, then we walk again. Our little hair, lunch, car fits perfectly in with her ability to get to each place. I'm looking forward to her joining a dynabands group this week at the senior center. She's finally ready to do more out and about activities.

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