Friday, January 8, 2010

First Feelings of being overwhelmed

I have a cold, and I don't feel great lately and have been very tired at the end of the day and not wanting to actually interact with my family at times. In general, we all support each other when we have these fleeting moments of needing our own personal space. But, with Gramma, everyone in the house always gets me when she comes out for a bit and a bite.

Well, those were last weeks feelings and have vanished, though I was able to chat with all family members about my need for help at times and I think we have a new balance.

Now on to now. Gramma has been a bit ill lately. She caught the cold that I had and was in bed for about 3 days feeling terrible. She didn't eat anything from Monday evening until Thursday morning, when she woke up and asked what's for breakfast. We had a dozy of a day on Thursday, she has lots of toileting issues. I changed lots of sheets, made sure she was comfortable, put the hospital pads on, and made sure she showered and I helped wash her. She sometimes gets sad feeling so dependant, but I try to keep it light and remind her she is loved and we all need help at times. She hasn't been out since she got the cold and yesterday her back hurt. I made her meals and served them in her room, which she liked a lot. Today we will work on getting back to our regular routine, as I help her get up and showered, then dressed and ready to eat a meal at the table.

I have had fun connecting with Gramma over things she likes. We put on the Ellen show now every day at 4 and Tessa and I often sit with my mom and laugh along with Ellen. Yesterday Gramma asked to watch the playoff football game and I'll put the games on for her today. She also likes Ugly Betty, so I'm going to start getting her some netflix season's of that and see if it is on anytime here. Over all Gramma is staying in her room, resting mostly, eating a little, and needing some assistant to maintain her daily hygiene and overall quality of life. She would never shower if she had her way!

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