Monday, April 30, 2012

In seven minutes...

I was out with Riley and this is what Ashley recorded. A snap shot of life here with Gmom, who recovered physically great from colon cancer surgery, but mentally...well take a peek.

4:15 Mary I want to go back to the hospital please right now
4:16 I want to go back
4:16 Mary I want to go back to the hospital please
4:16 Mary whats wrongs with me please answer me I don't want Tim to answer
*bangs cup*
4:17 Mary I want some more water
4:18 You're going to make me go back to the hospital aren't you? I don't want to go!
4:20 Cilantro hormonal, hormonal cilantro, hormonal, hormonal, cilantro cilantro
4:20 Mary what's wrong with me?!
4:21 Oh my god
4:22 Mary what's wrong with me?

This went on, but Ashley stopped recording.We have answered these questions for a month now. Tiring for her and for us...

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